Tuesday, June 11, 2013

La Comida Dominicana (Dominican Food): An Introduction

Pastelón de Yuca with Chicharrón 
A nation’s cuisine speaks volumes about its culture, and the Dominican Republic is no exception. Dominican dishes and basic staples draw from a mix of European, African, and native foods and preparation styles to form a unique Caribbean island cuisine. Talk to any Dominican, and you’ll find someone who is supremely proud of the food that represents her heritage. And while the most stereotypical foods are rice, beans, and plantains, Dominican cuisine is so much more.

The biggest meal of the day is lunch, while breakfast and dinner tend to be lighter affairs. The basic Dominican meal is also not complete without a starch and a protein; if one is missing, the meal is called vacío, or empty. This might make things difficult for vegetarians, since meat may be served at any time of day. And the diversity and abundance of sublime tropical fruits available adds a sweet touch to any dish.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll profile several areas of Dominican cuisine, giving you a deeper look into what makes the food of this island so special. Grab a fork and join us on this tasty journey. 

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