Tuesday, January 10, 2012


New Travel Guide Unveils Hidden Hotspots and Provides Cultural Insights of the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic (Other Places Travel Guide), co-written by Washingtonians Katherine Tuider and Evan Caplan, is available for sale on Amazon.com January 10, 2012.

Taking the visitor beyond well-trodden sunny beaches, this unorthodox guidebook gives visitors the ability to discover the real Dominican Republic. Having spent a combined five years in the country as Peace Corps Volunteers, the authors bring a wealth of knowledge to the book, imbuing the pages with vibrant language that truly brings the country to life. Their relaxed authenticity and unique perspective will inspire wanderlust in any reader.

The first European outpost in the Western Hemisphere, the contemporary Dominican Republic is a proud country with diverse African, European and native roots. Feel pan-Hemispheric fusion like nowhere else while dancing to the beats of merengue and bachata; tasting the pleasing cuisine like hearty stews or fried sweet plantains; and spending time in the vibrant marketplaces full of bright tropical produce and tinctures to ward off the evil eye. The DR also challenges visitors with extraordinary geographic diversity: the picturesque deserts of the South, the pine-covered central mountains, and the idyllic sandy beaches on every coast.

Whether detailing centuries-old colonial ruins, the highest peak in the Caribbean, or hidden surfer’s coves, this guidebook ventures to every corner with insight and wit. Become part of the adventure and discover the rich culture and stunning natural beauty of the Dominican Republic.

Other Places Publishing is an independent book publisher based out of North Carolina.  The company’s signature line is a series of travel guides written by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers with an intimate knowledge of local customs and hidden hot spots. With an Other Places Publishing travel guide in hand, visitors can experience a country like few outsiders have before.

Title: Dominican Republic (Other Places Travel Guide)
Authors: Katherine Tuider and Evan Caplan
Official Publication Date: January 10, 2012
Twitter: @OtherPlacesDR

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